Engineering Careers

Not your Dad's Engineering Career

The Army established the Corps of Engineers in 1802. Since then the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has responded to changing defense requirements and played an integral part in the development of our country.

In the 19th Century the Corps surveyed roads and canals, explored and mapped the Western frontier, and constructed buildings and monuments in the Nation's capital. In the 20th century, the Corps significantly expanded its civil works activities, becoming among other things, a leading environmental preservation and restoration agency. Today, after more than two centuries of service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plays a global role in support of the Army and our Nation.

More than 35,000 Engineers and Scientists are Army civilians engaged in everything from research, design and development, test and evaluation, operations and maintenance to processing and analysis. The Army Corp of Engineers creates and manages cool projects - the St. Lawrence Seaway, great multipurpose dams such as Fort Peck on the Missouri River as well as the construction of cities, ports, military structures, and other facilities - throughout our global community.

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